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Mickoski: After politically coordinated judges and prosecutors, now we see coached witnesses


After politically driven judges like Kacarska and prosecutors like Ruskoska, we now see witnesses with “made to order” statements, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski during a meeting in Karpos. Mickoski was speaking about the testimony on Thursday by Aleksandar Vasilevski, also known as “the Ninja”, who claimed that former Government officials were involved in the April 27th incident in the Parliament.

– We see that besides the “Kacarska judiciary” and the “Ruskoska prosecutors”, even witnesses are being coached and sent out to give statements to fit Zaev’s political needs, Mickoski said.

Pro-Government media outlets used the testimony in the Skopje court today to blot out any coverage of critical news and comments regarding the discussion on the proposed constitutional amendments to rename Macedonia. Meanwhile, the police used the testimony as excuse to detain former UBK police branch director Vladimir Atanasovski.

– We warned that SDSM is focused one task alone, and that is to destroy VMRO-DPMNE as a political party, to declare us as a criminal organization and remove us from the political scene. They do this because they’re afraid of us. Zaev and the narrow group around him are afraid because they know they will be held responsible for all the crimes they did in the past year and a half, Mickoski said, adding that the second goal of these testimonies is to distract the public from the extremely unpopular policies they are pushing on the name, as well as their failures to improve lives of ordinary citizens or decrease air pollution.