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Mickoski calls Zaev out to a debate, to discuss the forced name change and the political persecution

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Thousands of VMRO-DPMNE supporters marched through downtown Skopje on Wednesday, to protest in front of the Government building against the renaming of the country and the political persecution of all critical voices in the country. Opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski called out Prime Minister Zaev to a televised debate before the year is up, and offered him to bring the group of blackmailed and bribed former VMRO-DPMNE members of Parliament who supported Zaev in the push to rename Macedonia into North Macedonia.




– Let’s talk about the shame you have brought on our nation, about all the low things you’ve done. Face to face, let’s let the Macedonian people decide who speaks the truth. Pick the time and the TV station, Mickoski told Zaev.

The VMRO-DPMNE leader said that the protests will lead to bringing down the Government and to show that, despite all the arrests and intimidation, the Macedonian people are not afraid. At one point VMRO supporters noticed that a person is filming the event from a window of the Government building. This prompted loud protests, and a “greeting” from Mickoski. “Look at them, like spies, recording who is at the protest. Many are afraid to join us because they know they are being recorded, but their hearts are with us here. Instead of ruling with competence and reforms, they want to rule the country with fear, hatred and jealousy. All they bring in our homes is darkness and a national humiliation, they want to kill our dignity and kill what is Macedonian in us”.



Mickoski said that Zaev’s promises that the name change will help Macedonia join the European Union ring hollow given all the abuses of power and rampant crime he is introducing into the country.

– How can you expect to join Europe, when we have criminals in the Government, criminals in all public institutions. Europe wants honorable people, honest people, who are ready to work, not people who mock their own nation telling you that “you have issues”. That is not a way to join Europe, to get there we need to be honest and honorable, which is everything you, Zaev and SDSM, are not, Mickoski said.


And Macedonians, especially the young, are recognizing what is going on, Mickoski said, and voting with their feet. “Our young are leaving the country daily, they know they’ve been lied to, manipulated and ignored. All the promises made to them – the construction of a new campus, the “youth guarantee”, a fair chance to success, it was all lies. All the Government does is change the name and the identity, they have no time for anything else”.