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Mickoski has two options to prevent new political crisis

Early elections with formation of a Przino-style government and a public prosecutor proposed by the opposition or rejection of the Prespa Agreement and elections, followed by an appointment of a public prosecutor with partisan consensus are the two options presented Sunday by the opposition leader, Hristijan Mickoski.

Speaking at a news conference at the party’s main offices, Mickoski said the options provided a way out of the political crisis of the country.

“Macedonia is entering a new political crisis. The solution is catastrophic and unacceptable both for VMRO-DPMNE and the majority of citizens. A new crisis will completely destroy the economy,” he said.

The agreement, according to him, was reached without consensus and ‘with a promise SDSM cannot deliver neither to the citizens nor to the international partners.’

“There are two options. The first one is elections, already announced by Zoran Zaev and accepted by VMRO-DPMNE. But before that, a technical government must be formed. An atmosphere of fair conditions should be created and a public prosecutor should be appointed that is nominated by the opposition. The second option involves Zoran Zaev dismissing the Prespa Agreement before elections are called right after allowing the people to decide. VMRO-DPMNE after the elections will endorse the formation of a new institution to prosecute crime that is led by a public prosecutor nominated with a consensus from all parties,” Mickoski told the news conference.