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Mickoski: I urge all political prisoners be released from custody, and there are many such

On several occasions, you mentioned that the political terror in the country is in full swing. What exactly were you referring to?

Mickoski: I will tell you about the political terror. It takes place on many levels. From common citizens employed in the administration who are being laid off only because of party revenge, and to former officials. They chose about fifty names, and they practice strictness every day, taking it out on those people. Once they let them out, then they do not let them out of jail, if they put them in Shutka [prison], they will definitely get the worst cell, if possible an iron bed without mattress, and a room with a floor made of sand. Their names are placed on the pillar of shame, wanting to ruin the reputation of their families. Those 50 families are their target, and whenever they need to draw attention, then they pull out something. Macedonia is a small country, we are not a multitude of people, it will come time the responsibility to knock on the door, and the responsibility must have a last name. They will bear responsibility, not because we or I will be taking revenge or because I’m malicious, but because they violate the rules, they break the procedures because they first arrested and then stripped the MPs of their immunity, because they humiliated a female lawmaker before her little children, because they attacked common people, in front of people who have no relation to crime.

Do you believe that the detention measure is being abused?

Mickoski: Yes, it is being abused. It is being abused when people are detained, it is being abused when they are released on a day or two outside and are returning again. And yes, I urge all political prisoners be released from custody, and there are many such. And now you will certainly ask me how this is possible when Zaev holds the executive power, and that’s the job of the judicial and prosecutorial system. I will tell you that Zaev is responsible for creating an ambiance, just as he created an ambiance for the same persons to be prisoned for political reasons. But also let’s not forget that while we have political prisoners, we have prisoners who have been pardoned by this government, and there are no guilty people in jail for the triple murder of the policemen in Arachinovo in 2000, the murderers of the boys at Smilkovso Lake are also at large, as well as hundreds of convicted criminals whom this government has pardoned. That’s not justice, that’s not righteousness.

What kind of resolution do you expect about the April 27 events?

Mickoski: The April 27 case is yet another proof of the political terror of the government. The more they press, the more they are trying to cover up this case, the more obvious it is that they want to escape the responsibility that that day Parliament Speaker was elected in an illegitimate and illegal procedure. So they want to cover up their own shame through unsustainable constructions and hunting, so-called, terrorists. Let’s see who the terrorists are – six deputies, an opera singer, an actor, a director, senior minister then director of the Public Security Bureau. And while this happens, nobody asks a question – first, how is it possible for the director of the PSB to be held accountable for failure to act, and Minister Nuhiu, who had the golden command, is intact. Secondly, there was information that Minister Nihiu in the statement to the prosecutor’s office said that that night allegedly there was information and the danger that armed groups from Cair and the surrounding areas are preparing to move to the Parliament’s building, that UCK fighters would be mobilized. Wait, this was stated by the Minister of Interior! How come nobody from the prosecution and MoI has taken steps to investigate these findings and take measures.

Thirdly, how come those who provoked the people to act that day, remain intact.

Now we have a shameful episode in the Macedonian history, where, for example, instead of the government to go hunting for investments, its major preoccupation is hunting patriots, declaring them terrorists. This madness must stop. Do they think they will rule forever, that they will be able to eternally invent fictitious charges, that they are untouchable, that they will not be held accountable for this violence they are now carrying out?

Some of the media are constantly writing about your relations with your predecessor, Nikola Gruevski. How do you react to this?

Mickoski: I would be surprised to have an interview without this question. But it is interesting how the public space is occupied much more with issues related to VMRO – DPMNE, and much less about SDSM, on those millions of omissions and scandals made by the government on a daily basis. I have answered these questions at least 10 times, and I’ll answer the same again. But you know what, more important than what relations I have with Gruevski, when we saw each other the last time, where is his office, what kind of relations I have with Ilija Dimovski, is who is orchestrating and imposing such topics and questions, while criminals in power are robbing the state, and the state moves closer to the abyss.

Let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about the government indebting every family with 1,200 euros in just two and a half months. And I cannot understand why this is less important than what kind of relations I have with Gruevski.

There is a segment in the right-wing electorate that is divided and accuses you of being lukewarm. What is the truth?

Mickoski: In my life, I do not have anything agreed outside of my principles, I do not have any concession towards anyone, and I will not do it at any cost. And second, this battle of VMRO will be won, but wisdom and readiness are needed. I will tell those who are now criticizing – if the fight against the incompetence of the SDSM-led government is above the personal agendas then everyone is welcome. Their place where they naturally belong to is VMRO, and VMRO is ready to receive them all and they will find a place in the front for the defeat of this government, as new people constantly coming and joining us.


End of Republika’s mega interview with VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski