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Mickoski: People lose their health due to Government’s incompetence, they promised clean air, but we became most polluted country in Europe (video)

Following Euronews reports that Macedonia is the most polluted country in Europe VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristian Mickoski wrote on Facebook that people are losing their health due to the inability of the government, the promised clean air, and we became the most polluted country in Europe.

They promised clean air, and we became a country with the most polluted air in Europe, and people are losing their health due to the inability of the authorities to deliver results.

November 2017 Zoran Zaev and his mayors promised clean air, and a year later, November 2018, the epilogue is Skopje and several other cities in the country mentioned in Europe’s newsletters on most polluted cities. Another fiasco, another shameful and painful failure of the authorities that this time is payed with the health of the citizens.

And this is not some non-essential, unfulfilled promise that will cause short-term disappointment and anxiety, their incapacity is now paid with the health of the citizens, with their lives. And it is not only that they do not pay attention, that the health of citizens is not their priority, but simply they are not capable of resolving the issue.

They need to roll up their sleeves, and instead of seeking justification in supposedly defective air quality measurement stations, they need to introduce essential measures and activities that will lead to cleaner air. They should stop with the peripheral and populist measures that, except for another day spent through the media in praise, for the citizens it means a day spent without results. Respiratory and carcinogenic diseases are the only “gain” of their disability. There is no waiting time, this time the incompetence of Zaev, Silegov and the rest of the armada of politicians in power costs the citizens their life. Skopje instead of a metropolis recognizable in Europe after events and news, becomes a city enveloped with darkness, waste and smog that kills. Activism and dedication is needed. We should not allow every day to mean a lost health, and the people in power, central and city, should be aware that this goes to their unclean conscience, Mickoski wrote.