Sunday, 23 January 2022 | News today: 0

Mihajlovski: Those who started the coup should not be abolished


There is a fundamental difference between us and them, here we are all Macedonians, and there somewhere are gathered former Yugoslavs who want to live in a dead state. Where they are, there we are, because they are not the only people in this country. We are only interested in the Republic of Macedonia and we will not let anyone touch not even a letter from that holy name. And as the colleague at the border said, “This is my country and I am ready to die for it”, and this is not just a phrase, said Toni Mihajlovski who is part of the Civil Movement for Defense of Macedonia.

“We gathered to say that enough is enough. Mr. Zoran Zaev was twice abolished, he could do a hat-trick to be abolished for the third time as well. This is a time when criminals talk about honesty, those who have killed talk about innocence, those who have sold off the country say that they want to preserve it. So that’s why we will not allow them, and we will defend this country. All those who deserve to end up in prison because they started the coup should not be abolished, because they are the ones who want to sell the name”, Mihajlovski stressed.