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Minister Ademi: I’m not Superman to review five thousand applications


The nine committees that will decide on financing national cultural projects will start working on Wednesday. In order for no appeals to be filed, the Minister of Culture Asaf Ademi will establish a direct telephone number which the applicants and any interested person can call to give suggestions or to indicate irregularites.

In order not to repeat the irregularities and conflicts of interest during last year’s selection of projects, which caused reactions and resulted in the withdrawal of some projects, the Ministry of Culture appointed new members to almost all committees and announced the names of their presidents.

Minister Ademi told reporters that he expects a good cooperation with the presidents and members of the committees, and that he believes in their expertise, and that they will be honest and will act according to law in the decision-making process which, as he said, will be completely transparent.

“I rely on the proposals I will receive from the committees. I’m not Superman to review five thousand applications. That’s why we have nine committees, some have three members, and some where there are more applications have five members. I am confident that all members are professionals and that they will work honestly and successfully,” the minister said.