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Minister Janakieski: After so many years our country is getting a new image in the road infrastructure


A resumption of projects for air transport development and construction of road and railroad infrastructure with ongoing and new projects and with a concrete amount of funds singled out are announced by the Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski in Sunday’s interview with MIA.

The project on stimulating low-cost airlines to come to Macedonia is resumed and as a result a new call for allocating financial assistance will be issued in early 2015, according to him.

The efforts made to encourage low-cost airliners to enter Macedonia’s air space recently has proven to be a successful project, adds Janakieski. There is a 21% growth in the first nine months of 2014 compared to the same period last year.

“Our objective to find new destinations for the Macedonian citizens and direct flights from Skopje is met and consequently this project will have its resumption. In the beginning of 2015 the Ministry of

Transport and Communications will issue a new public international call in a competitive tender procedure to allocate financial assistance in a bid to improve the aviation sector in Macedonia and air transport to be more available for the citizens of Macedonia,” says Janakieski.

With regards to the opportunity of establishing a national airline, he states that the Ministry of Transport and Communications has drafted a project programme on the preparation of a study on the possibility of setting up a national airline in order to launch a public procurement procedure to pick a consultant to prepare the study for which there will be a public call in due time.

The Minister in the interview announces that next year the Macedonian citizens will start travelling in state-of-the-art railroad multiple units.

“It is expected the new units for passenger transportation to arrive next year for which a contract has been signed with China’s CSR corporation – one of the leading train manufacturers in the world. The investment of 25 million euros is the first renewal of the railroad fleet after 35 years. Four diesel and two electric multiple-units will be supplied, which will largely improve the conditions to travel with trains. Under the signed contract, the Macedonian citizens as of August 2015 will travel in modern units. Additionally, we are also procuring cargo trains and overhauling dozen existing passenger units,” states Janakieski.

Nearly 225 million euros are envisaged in 2015 to finance the construction of several local and regional roads, Minister Janakieski tells MIA.

“In the coming period we will realize projects financed by the European Union’s pre-accession funds. About 109 million euros from EU’s IPA programme are at disposal by the end of 2017. The funds have been already intended for concrete projects and utmost efforts are being made to use them for investments in railroad and road infrastructure,” says Janakieski.

At the same time, he adds, three highways are being built – a new 132-kilometer road network in Macedonia worth 790 million euros. Definitively our country after so many years is getting a new image in the road infrastructure, including all the other interventions done on a number of local and regional roads and motorways,” the Minister says noting that over 1,000 people are hired to work on the three highways.