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Minister Kanceska­-Milevska pays working visit to Paris


Minister of Culture Elizabeta Kanceska-­Milevska will be paying a working visit to Paris over the weekend where she is set to visit the International City of Arts and meet with its director general Jean-­Yves Langlais. Macedonia has opened its own atelier as part of the International City of Arts in Paris, where in the past 12 years more than 80 renowned Macedonian artists and musicians have had the chance, with Culture Ministry’s support, to stay in the city for two months and share experiences and establish cooperation with relevant galleries and institutions.

On Sunday, Minister Kanceska­Milevska is expected to address the opening of the fifth Film Festival of South-­East European cinema “SEE a Paris”, due to take place in the French capital on April 12­ 16. The latest film releases from 12 Balkan countries, including Macedonia, will be presented at the festival, which is organized by SEE a Paris association, Skopje’s University of Audiovisual Arts, under UNESCO auspices and in partnership with the Montenegro Film Festival and several European and regional institutions.

Several honorary awards will be presented at the opening ceremony, including the award for best actor in Southeast Europe, which is going to be handed over to world-­renowned artists Rade Serbedzija.

During her stay in Paris, Minister Kanceska-­Milevska is also scheduled to hold a working meeting with UNESCO Director-­General Irina Bokova to discuss ways for strengthening the cooperation between Macedonia and the organization, the Ministry of Culture says Friday.