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Misajlovski to SDSM: Stop lying to the Macedonian people and get to work, citizens want better life (video)

VMRO-DPMNE is once again on the ground, we are again with the citizens and today we have a great opportunity here in Butel to talk with the citizens and listen to their opinions and of course see what is most important for them and to discuss all the politically current topics, Vlado Misajlovski, Vice-President of VMRO-DPMNE said during Wednesday’s meeting with Butel residents.

“Certainly, the referendum is the main topic during this period and in a few days the referendum period ends with only one-sided messages. On the one hand, we hear only government officials say no matter how many citizens will come out, they will resume their work in the Macedonian Parliament. The question is whether they consider citizens only for statistics? On the other hand, if it does not matter to them why all this money that is being dumped, that is, used for the campaign, why this money was not used to build kindergartens, hospitals, why this money was not really for the citizens ?,” asks Misajlovski.

He adds that if SDSM really is not interested in the citizens, why so much campaign and so much funds have been spent only use  citizens for statistics.

He says that SDSM and this government should stop lying to the Macedonian people and get to work, and on the other hand Macedonia will be timeless, and the citizens will look for a better life, but really the one they deserve, not with lies and manipulations.