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Mogherini: EU is open for you; keys to country’s future in citizens hands

The doors of the European Union are open for you, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini said Thursday in Skopje.

‘My message to all the citizens: remember that on 30 September when you go and vote at the referendum, you hold the keys to the future of your country. It’s in your hands and nobody else can do it for you. And you cannot afford to stay silent and miss the opportunity to express yourself about what kind of future you want for yourself. These are not elections, and this is not about politics. You want to make sure that when you wake up on Monday, namely on 1 October, you can be proud of the choice you made for your country, yourself, your children – no regrets,’ Mogherini told reports as she, along with Premier Zoran Zaev and Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov visited the Old Bazzar in Macedonia’s capital.

She once again pointed out that the doors of the European Union ‘are open’ for Macedonia.

‘First of all because we know that together we can achieve a lot. I’ve been remained on by PM Zaev today in Strasbourg of how much we can do together for our future, our prosperity, our security, our stability. Our doors are open, you hold the keys, our side is determined to make this work,’ Mogherini said.

Asked about her message to opposition VMRO-DPMNE leader, Mogherini said she wouldn’t like to interfere in the country’s internal affairs and once again invited all citizens of Macedonia to take the opportunity and express own position. The voting right is precious, Mogherini said, and ‘whenever you are called to express yourself and participate in shaping the future of your country you should use it.’

PM Zaev said that the prospect Macedonia to join EU was a powerful motivation for him to do the homework and resolve the name issue with Greece.

Mogherini’s visit to Skopje today is yet another EU gesture of support of Macedonia and its citizens, Zaev said.

‘Now all citizens of Macedonia should demonstrate unity, determination and make a decision on the 30 September referendum on the name agreement, our future. For us the EU membership status is a factor that unites all societal stakeholders and driving power for successful implementation of reforms. Differences are always present. We shall respect them, but there is no room for irresponsibility when we should all decide about the future of our country and next generations,’ Zaev said.