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MON-SONK talks end, SONK Council to decide whether to strike on Monday

Skopje, 28 September 2014 (MIA) – The Ministry of Education and Science (MON) and the Trade Union of Education Science and Culture (SONK) held talks Sunday to iron the differences ahead of the strike announced by SONK. Now the SONK Council should make a decision whether the call for strike in schools and kindergartens on Monday will remain in force or is to be cancelled.

We are satisfied with the meeting, as all issues of our concern have been addressed, SONK leader Jakim Nedelkovski told reporters after the talks.

“I believe that MON will start resolving the problems in the primary and secondary education system…Now the SONK Council will review the discussion of this meeting and make a decision whether the strike announced for tomorrow is to take effect or be put on stand-by,” Nedelkovski said.

Earlier MON issued a press release, saying that raising the salaries of employees in education is defined in the Government’s working program, which for this year foresees an increase of 4.0 percent. The salary increase in upcoming years will depend on the budget possibilities.

Relevant institutions say that in line with the legal obligations all measures have been taken for schools to work regularly. In the meantime, the support for SONK strike has been declining rapidly.

Directors of many schools, kindergartens and trade unions of education in numerous municipalities have said that classes on Monday will run regularly.