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Most jihadists from Macedonia are from Cair?


All Macedonian citizens who were thus far killed in the Syrian conflict while fighting for the Islamist groups, were followers of the salafi movement, ‘Dnevnik” security sources inform.

Seven of the nine jihadists from Macedonia who were confirmed to have been killed in the conflict, were born in Skopje. Two of the deceased were emigrants to Germany, one in Australia and left to Syria from those countries.

There are no recored any of them gained any type of education in some of the Arabian countries.

According to sources, they were all aged 25-38, were high school graduates and had medium-wealthy background. All but two of them were single. Sources describe their ideology – salafism – as genuine interpretation of the Islam, close to wahhabism, or a sect with its own interpretation of the holy writings. Almost all jihadists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sandžak and Kosovo, who fight in Syria, originate from this sect.

According to official recored, five residents of the Skopje-based Municipality of Cair died in Syria so far: Dzelal Samakova (23), Burhan Beslimi (23),  B. Sh. (24), Rijad Memishi (23) and the student Bashkim Bela.

The only Kumanovo resident who died in Syria by now is Adnan Redzepi (25).

Three emigrants from Macedonia were also registered  to have died in Syria: hodja Sami Abdulahu (38) and Nimetula Himeri (38), who gained German citizenship and left to fight in Syria from Germany, and Rasim Zekjiri (29), who lived in Vienna, Austria.

Macedonian media in Albanian language reported thus far certain Alim Osmani (22) and Egzon Avdili from Skopje to have died in Syria, but they are still not in the official list of Macedonian citizens.