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Aco Stankovski

National reconciliation is a process that usually comes after a major civil war or armed conflict, when both parties confronted by ideological, ethnic or religious line are already totally tired of their opposition that only brought them trouble, suffering and misery. It is the beginning of the expansion of reason and objectivity, through which they come to a much clearer understanding of the positions of the other and establishing a kind of emphatic consciousness.

Thus, the opposing parties will recognize their problems and frustrations of the other, while the sentiment of the conflict, slowly but surely disappears from the emotional and intellectual perception.

Getting to this level of awareness is not so easy as it seems, from a visual point of theoretical or hypothetical wisdom from the position of a philosopher from an ivory tower. National reconciliation requires major efforts to stand against their convictions. At least for a moment, to critically analyze the postulates of our political and social outlook. And at a time when you see all these endeavors of our social life from a certain distance which implies impartiality, then we are ready to overcome ourselves and our selfish egoism and complacency.

When we overcome the fear of the miserable picture of ourselves, we will have a chance for a real step forward, to accept the misery of others, to forgive them as we forgive ourselves about the imperfection, the deeply rooted non-functional positions, our malice and tendentiousness and finally to come together in a synergy that will restore understanding, sublimity, dignity, composure and creativity.

It is a huge mistake when opponents in political struggle understand a helping hand as a weakness of the opponent or as a manifestation of their defeatism.

Such mistake was made in 2011, the year of the great successes of the Macedonian team sports on the international stage when the republic’s prime minister, Nikola Gruevski, in his speech marking the 20th anniversary of independence of the country, offered national reconciliation to the opposition and the people. But the frustrated opposition rejected that virtuous proposal by the President of the Macedonian Government in the most despicable  way, with indignation and derision.

Perhaps today, after they got stuck in their nebulous strategies and idiotic, almost criminal tactics, they are sorry about the missed opportunity, but now the shores that separate the opponents are quite remote and difficult to find a platform of interest that would satisfy both parties.

After the proposal, which came as a post-election good will of the ruling elite and after the cynical rejection of gallant and true statesmanship move of the ruler, the opposition’s ship went into a quite a dangerous and uncertain course, reaching the treacherous waters of disaster.

And indeed, their positions become increasingly weaker, their ratings dropped along with the fading confidence of the electorate. Every subsequent elections were more and more disappointing for them, the loss of votes became increasingly larger every elections, thus, the opposition lost the elections held in April last year, with an enormous difference of over 200,000 votes. This debacle of the competing party came as no spectacular surprise to the public and the political analysts. Only the leadership of the opposition party was shocked by the results and decided to retreat in its solipsistic world to stage electoral crime, though it was deeply involved in the monitoring of the electoral process, and there were numerous international and domestic observers, responsible for the correctness and the proper management of the elections. Finally, the official report on the fairly conducted elections came from the most competent and most authorized factors in international politics.

But now this is all  over. However, in its entire despair and creative impotence and lack of ideas, the frustrated opposition entered in a very dangerous adventure, using methods of political struggle that reach the areas of crime.

This performance of publicly exposing the private contacts of the representatives of the ruling party, illegally obtained, and then manipulated, edited and staged with tendentious incriminating narrative is, actually, a reflection of the total moral bankruptcy of the opposition leadership.

There is almost no example in contemporary politics in the world like this unscrupulous and utterly undignified type of running a political struggle in a civilized and democratic society. This is totally a waste of decency, a gesture of individuals in which the people recognized maniacs and thugs, people who not only should not and do not deserve to be given such responsibility as running and administering a state, but a huge part of the Macedonian public with great astonishment is asking – “Why these criminal characters are still involved in the political process in the country and not in prison or, at least, marginalized and isolated from all affairs in the political scene?”

But this is a strange country where people show enormous patience and tolerance. However, when it comes for determining the will of the people through the only democratic means for that – the elections, they sincerely express their position.

I think that despite everything, the position is still prepared for national reconciliation. It is willing to reconcile. This is the last chance of a political option in Macedonia to accept this saving opportunity, as for the people, so for them. If they are not smart enough to take this opportunity, then their extinction from the political scene is very certain.