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NATO accession talks on Oct. 18-19 in Brussels

Macedonia on Oct. 18-19 at the NATO headquarters in Brussels will officially launch accession talks to join the Alliance.

The government yesterday at a session reviewed and passed an information on forming a working committee tasked with realizing the accession talks, government spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski told a news conference Wednesday.

Macedonia, he said, is fully prepared for these talks. The government’s official delegation, made up of members of several ministries and institutions, will be led by National NATO Coordinator Stevo Pendarovski.

“We are fully prepared and the working committee on Macedonia’s integration to NATO has been working for some time,” Bosnjakovski added.

According to him, processes take place in parallel for full-fledged membership, which requires full implementation of the Prespa Agreement, firstly at the Macedonian Parliament by adopting constitutional changes before it is ratified by Greek MPs.