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NATO chief says they are ready to sign accession protocol with Macedonia as soon as Prespa treaty is implemented

Stoltenberg (1)

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the Alliance is preparing to sign the accession protocol with Macedonia but that he can’t speculate whether Zoran Zaev’s Government will have the necessary two thirds majority to complete the process in the Constitution.

– It is up to the Parliament and the authorities in Skopje to make decisions, I can’t guarantee in the name of Skopje, said Stoltenberg. He added that Zaev had two thirds majority to open the process, and that NATO can’t speculate on whether he will have the votes at the end, but that NATO is prepared to sign the accession protocol, after which Macedonian representatives will begin to attend NATO ministerial meetings.

– I hope that Skopje and the people of the country will use this once in a lifetime historic opportunity, Stoltenberg said, avoiding to use the name of the Republic of Macedonia.

Greece blocked Macedonia’s NATO membership in 2008, when NATO countries concluded that the country is prepared to join the Alliance, but Greece objected to the name and used its veto power. It is presumed that Greece will lift its veto after Macedonia changes its name into the “Republic of North Macedonia”.