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New abortion law in the works, says Health Minister

A new law on medical termination of pregnancy, under which women will have the opportunity to decide freely for themselves whether to undergo an abortion during the first 12 weeks in consultation with a gynecologist, is in the works.

Also, women will be enabled to make a free choice whether to end a pregnancy until the 22nd week of gestation following an estimation of a three-member committee.

This was announced Thursday by Minister of Health Venko Filipce while addressing a symposium on congenital anomalies, organized by the Macedonian Medical Association.

“After the 22nd week of gestation, a committee will be set up tasked with making an assessment on whether to approve termination of a pregnancy. In case of a congenital anomaly of the fetus, women will have the right to terminate their pregnancy based on the opinion of various medical specialists… It is the right of women to decide whether they will terminate a pregnancy and no one has the right to take that away from them,” Minister Filipce noted.

What’s new, he added, what was missing from the existing act, is that the will of women comes first.

According to Filipce, a draft-document has been already prepared and one final consultation should be conducted before presenting the law.

Moreover, experts at the symposium will promote achievements in our medicine. Data show that close to 300,000 newborn babies annually around the world die due to some birth defect four weeks after their birth.