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New or Northern Macedonia, speculates Boutaris: With new name, Macedonia could find new identity for itself and its people

Just ten days after his visit to Skopje and a meeting with Prime Minister Zaev, Thessaloniki mayor Yiannis Boutaris told the Austrian newspaper ‘Kurier’ that for the Macedonian Prime Minister, the Republic of New Macedonia or Northern Macedonia is acceptable compromise on the name.

“The new Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has no nationalist ideas as his predecessor Nikola Gruevski, who was a terrible misfortune for the country. Zaev wants a compromise on the name: the Republic of New Macedonia or Northern Macedonia. Greece would never accept the Republic of Macedonia,” Boutaris said, who recently visited Skopje and met with the entire state leadership, including Prime Minister Zaev.

Where these statements come from and what was discussed at this meeting between Zaev and Boutaris, we can only guess, but more than worrying is the fact that only ten days after the meeting with Zaev, the Thessaloniki mayor gives statements for European media with concrete proposals for the name change.

Moreover, in his statement for the Austrian medium, he said that “with the new name, Macedonia could find a new identity for itself and its people.”

Greek media has already analyzed the current “progress” in the relations between Athens and Greece as a milestone in closing the name issue.

“After Zoran Zaev’s victory, Greece shows ‘goodwill’ and this is interpreted as an opportunity to find a solution in New York at all costs, because what matters is – the course of FYROM … towards the Euro-Atlantic Union.”