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Nikoloski: Even Greeks have not insulted Macedonians like Dimitrov did with his “issues” statement


VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader Aleksandar Nikoloski said that Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov’s statement that the people “have issues” is one of the worst insults ever aimed at the Macedonian nation.

– These were not the words of a Greek Foreign Minister but of the Foreign Minister of Macedonia. I can’t remember a Greek politician insulting Macedonians like this, telling us that we suffer from issues. And for this to be said by a Foreign Minister of Macedonia, a person paid to protect our national interests, is unheard of in Europe. It’s likely that the cause of this comment is that Nikola Dimitrov was imposed on us, planted if you will in his office, without taking part in the elections or winning the approval of the voters, Nikoloski writes in an editorial.

Dimitrov was angrily debating with opposition members of Parliament during the discussion on the proposed amendments that would rename Macedonia. In a heated moment he said “we are a nation with issues, looking for our roots 2000 years back, I’m embarrassed to listen to you talking about Alexander the Great and how we don’t know who we are”.

– This statement subconsciously showed how much Dimitrov despises the Macedonian people and despises the work he is doing. He was never elected to anything, he always had high offices handed to him in a silver platter. If he ever ran for anything he would understand what it means to shake hands and look the people in their eyes as they project their hopes onto you, Nikoloski adds.