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Nikoloski reveals: We are forming political unification called “Macedonian Platform”

VMRO-DPMNE’s Vice-President Aleksandar Nikoloski exclusively revealed Monday on Jadi Burek TV show a new type of political unification called “Macedonian Platform”, which will aim at preserving the Republic of Macedonia.

He adds that besides the political battle, there is also need of a strong social battle from a large number of citizens who wish Macedonia well through numerous formal and informal groups of association.

The Macedonian Platform will mean a new type of political unification in the Republic of Macedonia, which will not involve usual coalitions between one big and 20 smaller political parties, but rather one form of unification of all free-thinking individuals, formal groups in terms of non-governmental organizations or associations of citizens, informal groups in terms of a set of people who wish the Republic of Macedonia well, with whom we do not have to fully agree on everything, but we have several clear basic principles and postulates, said Nikoloski.