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Nikoloski: Through Parliament, they plan to commit voting fraud

The authorities decided to discuss about everything except about the content of the agreement. They run away from a detailed debate on the content of the agreement, because they know that they have no arguments and that neither the name of the state is preserved nor the Macedonian national identity is preserved. And on the other hand, we have no guarantees for further integration of Macedonia into NATO and the EU, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice-President Aleksandar Nikoloski while meeting with residents of Centar Municipality.

The next thing that is a fact is that they avoid showing the constitutional amendments to the public even though they are the essence and heart of the agreement. Everything goes into an act of anxiety and panic in recent days of strong pressures on people to come out to vote the way the government expects. There is pressure on the public administration, pressure is made on the private business, and that pressure is more evident and greater,  said Nikoloski.

He added that luckily Macedonia is facing strong resistance among the citizens and the last one that really worries is the idea of committing a fraud on the very day of voting, because the Parliament did not allow official observers from political parties that could react of possible irregularities.

But it will not pass because citizens are organized to monitor this process as we have information through various citizen’s associations. And there also will be members of VMRO-DPMNE and any eventual move or desire to forge the will of the citizens or to rig the process itself will encounter strong and massive resistance from the people, said Nikoloski and added that the will is clear , noticeable, significant part of the citizens are against the agreement, the majority will decide to stay at home and that’s what we expect on Sunday.