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No court ban for “Mocking of Christ”

A court in Skopje in a media statement said that it has received a motion of the State Ombudsman to withdraw a proposal for a temporary ban of ‘Mocking of Christ’ – the debut feature film, written and directed by Jani Bojadzi.

On Sunday, the State Ombudsman’s Office told MIA that the decision was made after thorough examination and legal analyzes.

“As the film has been already screened, it was concluded that the proposal no longer has legal grounds. In line with its jurisdiction, the State Ombudsman’s Office will act solely with the aim to protect the property rights of the Republic of Macedonia in connection with salaries paid to the film’s staff from the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia,” it said.

‘Mocking of Christ’ was premiered in Macedonia on Oct. 5 in Skopje. The next day, director Bojadzi called on the government to leave the movie to make money at the box office and to be screened across Macedonia.

“I’m no longer important, and I wish the film good luck. It was important the movie to have its premiere, to open the gates and the masks to fall off. I’m glad if the film stirs any social debates,” Bojadzi told a news conference.

‘Mocking of Christ’ won an award at the Montreal Film Festival, where it had its world premiere.

Before it Macedonian premiere, people could get a glimpse of the film only through its trailer. It was the trailed that raised a few eyebrows with the Ministry of Culture calling it ‘scandalous and controversial, a tendentious account of history that harms the country’s coexistence.’

The low-budget film (EUR 280,000) was shot on locations in Macedonia, Greece and France and has an international cast and crew.