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No “Facebook” for clergymen, monks and bishops

No “Facebook” for the clergymen, monks and bishops, decided the Synod of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, writes the newspaper “Nova Makedonija”.


As the newspaper writes, the decision was delivered to the nobles in a written form, and it contains the deadline for shutting down from the social network. According to some sources from the church, the limitation should be valid especially for those who in the last months have been sharing personal statuses on “Facebook” and commenting on the political situation of the country. Still, the objection from part of the clergymen is that the final decision have not been supported with a particular reason for forbidding the usage of the social network. They wonder what would be the punishment if they do not practice Synod’s decision and continue to publish photographs and comment on “Facebook”.

Otherwise, bishop Peter was the one who proposed the decision, which created misunderstanding and turbulence between the elder, who do not use the internet, as well as between the younger who daily, especially via their mobile phones, use the social networks.