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No more “Made in Macedonia”: Product declaration to include adjective and footnote

The declaration “Made in Macedonia” on Macedonian products will be replaced with the term “Macedonian”, but also with a separate footnote to explain that “the product was made in North Macedonia”. This is provided in the trade section of the Prespa agreement with Greece, writes “Faktor“.

According to Bojan Maricic, European Integration Adviser in PM Zoran Zaev’s office and technical negotiator with the EU, the issue of “Made in Macedonia” became a reality when Zaev stated that Macedonia has agreed on the right to non-exclusiveness.

“The well-known “Made in Macedonia” term is being replaced with the words “Macedonian clothing” or “Macedonian wine”, for example, but there will also be a footnote explaining that the product was made in North Macedonia, according to what should be implemented after ratifying the agreement by both sides,” says Maricic.

This means that if pants produced in Macedonia are sold abroad, “Macedonian clothing” will be written on them with an addition that the product was made in North Macedonia.

Prime Minister Zaev confirmed three days ago that Greek companies will have the right to declare their products as “Made in Macedonia”, but only if they exclude “Made in Greece”.