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No one is above the law


Columnist: Nenad Mircevski

Although the picture for the “Putsch” and “Bomb” affairs is slowly taking shape, it is still too early for making a final judgement before putting together the last pieces of the puzzle. What we have been able to see in the past week with disappointment, is the unbelievable outburst of anger of Zaev and his close circle of supporters of his destructive political strategy. In an attempt to present Zaev’s naked words as facts due to lack of evidence, Soros-controlled media and party activists openly threat and spread hate speech via social media, directed towards anyone who would dare to ask some logical question to which opposition’s scenario has no logical answer. The louder opposition’s trumpets are in their insults and threats, the more incomprehensible the silence of organizations which declare themselves to be major opponents of violence and hate speech is.

If we add deliberate delays in presentation of the so-called bombs on top of all this, it is easy to conclude that the developments are part of the plan to provoke collision among Macedonians, which can even turn into bloodshed, to eventually make room for some “more reasonable” Western mediator, who would talk some sense into the “uncivilized Balkanians” and tell us what’s best for us.

A huge mistake in the scenario playout was the attempt to present Ljube Boskovski as a victim of the system. The videos we saw on YouTube ruined that thesis and showed us the real picture of this man, who is ready to sell the holiest things of the Macedonian citizen for money. This is where his story ends.

In this case, not only that we saw how national interests are being sold for little money , but we also saw something much more important – single-sided point of view can hugely distort perception of events.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that ever since “Putsch” affair has started, we have been warning that “single-sided point of view, naive acceptance of unsupported accusations, insults and threats instead of facts and arguments will not help in putting the big picture together”.

Those who really want the truth would need a lot of patience and nerves to carefully put all the story pieces together, but I do believe they will be able to make an impartial judgment in the end.

As hard as it seems resisting speculations and twisting of truth might be, it is the only right way to avoid the scenario desired by those who do not wish well to Macedonian people.

In meanwhile, we are all expecting for the court to start an open procedure in which the Macedonian, as well as the global public will hear the entire truth about the “putsch” and the “bombs”. It is the only way to clear the affair because no one in this country is above the law, regardless of Zaev’s expectations for the case to end in political finish by involving mediators.