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Official Moscow calls for preventing foreign interference in Macedonia’s internal affairs

Members of the EU, NATO leadership have been making attempts to impose on Macedonia the ‘Albanian platform’, designed at the office of Albania’s Prime Minister in Tirana, which draws the map of so-called ‘Great Albania’ and also expresses territorial aspirations towards large areas of neighboring Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece, Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Thursday in a press release posted on its website.

‘Especially disturbing is the inclusion in this list of unilaterally declared independent Kosovo. We believe that this is extremely dangerous with an intention to annihilate Macedonia’s statehood and destabilize the entire Balkan region,’ Russia’s MoFA says.

On 11 December 2016, early parliamentary elections were organized in Macedonia on the EU and US request, at which the ruling party, led by Nikola Gruevski, scored a victory.

‘Now the West, assisted by the Albanian minority and its ultimatums, is trying to bring the defeated opposition to power, which is a violation of the country’s constitutional foundations,’ the press release reads.

It further notifies that these destructive attempts are contrary to the will of the Macedonian voters and could only deteriorate the situation.

‘It is necessary to prevent foreign meddling in Macedonia’s internal affairs and to respect the right of Macedonian citizens to decide on their destiny in line with the fundamental democratic principles,’ Russia’s MoFA says.