Saturday, 4 December 2021 | News today: 0

OHIS issues EUR 5 million bond, to decrease debt to state


Macedonian Securities and Exchange Commission (KHV) has allowed troubled chemical giant OHIS to make its fourth issue of 99.747 shares, valued at over EUR 5 million, to increase the share owned by the state.

Macedonian Government will take over the new shares as part of the process to transform its unpaid claims from OHIS into an increased share of the company. The bond issue is conducted under the special law passed for four extremely poorly managed state-run companies, OHIS,

“Tutunski Kombinat” cigarette manufacturing giant from Prilep, and “11 Oktomvri Eurokompozit” producer of military and law enforcement protective gear. The bond issues serve to decrease the accumulated debt OHIS owes the state.

At the session held Thursday, KHV also allowed “Copper Investments AD” to issue 2.500 priority shares, worth EUR 1 million. The shares are issued to a specified purchaser, the UK based “Surrey Dynamics Limited”.

“Copper Investment AD” is a London-based Ukrainian company that has announced it is investigating several prospective copper finds in Eastern Macedonia. KHV has also agreed to allow the “Eurostandard Bank” to become a qualified participant in the Central securities depository, after the incorporation of “Postanska Bank” to “Eurostandard Bank”.

“Eurostandard Bank” will also become a full owner of the “Postel Broker” company.

In addition, KHV permanently removed the trading licence of the “Euro Broker” company, at its request. The company has announced its intention to stop trading with securities.