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Ohrid hosts two­-day conference on fight against corruption

korupcija konferencija

Corruption exists in every country. There is no country without corruption, and based on this Macedonia is no exception, GRECO Chairman, judge of Croatian Supreme Court Marin Mrcela said.

Corruption is not immune since it is committed by people, and for some reason people commit crime, Mrcela said addressing the two-­day conference titled “Anti­-Corruption: Best Practices in Fight Against Public Corruption” which takes place Wednesday and Thursday in Ohrid, organised by the Academy of Judges and Public Prosecutors “Pavel Satev” in cooperation and financial support of the US Embassy to Macedonia and the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL).

Matters on preventing, detecting and processing the corruption are being carried out. The processing can be viable if only it is made by independent prosecutors and impartial judges. Based on this the politics must interfere, neither in the judiciary nor in the work of the judiciary, and that is the essence of the recommendations issued by GRECO not only in Macedonia, but also in all countries, Mrcela said.

He expressed hope that Macedonia would make changes and implement the 19 recommendations it received in the fourth round to fight corruption.

He considered that political will in every country and in Macedonia is necessary to combat corruption and create an anti-­corruption climate.

Director of the Academy for Judges and Prosecutors “Pavel Satev” and head of the delegation of the Republic of Macedonia to GRECO, Aneta Arnaudovska said that Macedonian corruption is improved by major impact on implementing the recommendations of GRECO.

She said that Macedonian judiciary should more aggressively present positive experiences in work. All international reports point out the need to improve communication strategies with the public and civil sector, which should be included in the fight against corruption. To be our active allies in this process in the fight against corruption, Arnaudovska said.

The conference is attended by judges and prosecutors from all levels and all appellate regions, lawyers and representatives of relevant institutions.