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Ohrid’s new bus terminal officially opens

Ohrid’s new bus terminal was launched Wednesday with an opening ceremony attended by PM Zoran Zaev, Delfina Tours owner and investor Adnan Ismail, and Ohrid Mayor Jovan Stojanoski.

The city’s new bus terminal, located at the same site as the old one, will be part of a new shopping center, the Ohrid Mall.

The mall construction begins today and is expected to end next year.

PM Zaev said the investment worth EUR 7 million was a significant contribution to local and national business development, as well as a message of encouragement to other investors wondering about Macedonia’s stability.

“This is just a piece of the mosaic,” PM Zaev said. “To attract more tourists to Ohrid, more needs to be done.

“Ohrid is beautiful on its own, but investments in its development can never be too many.”

Investor Ismail said the business community supports the government’s efforts to enter the EU and NATO.

“Because what it means,” Ismail said, “is new investments, new jobs, and higher salaries.”

Mayor Stojanoski said he was pleased the new bus terminal would improve the image of Ohrid and the mall would enrich the city’s tourist offerings.

The project began in November 2016 after Delfina Tours bought the land to construct the new bus terminal.