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Opposition manipulation sold as absolute truth



Nenad Mircevski

The media propaganda machine of the so-called ‘professional’ media financed by Soros, which openly cooperate with the opposition SDSM ‘made fool of themselves’ over the new affair of fake IDs that were used by the government for electoral robbery. In support to the serious accusations against the government for committing electoral fraud, the weekly magazine submitted 105 of 30,000 alleged forged IDs obtained from an unknown source to the Interior Ministry. There is no other evidence of ‘electoral fraud’, despite the fact that the magazine strongly supported these allegations. In other words, everything else in the story, which resembles the one that Zaev’s Serbian public relations strategists are selling, is empty words. Whether the affair will end with criminal responsibility and who will answer before the law for the forged identity documents, we expect an answer from the technical Minister, Oliver Spasovski. But while he hesitates to answer, Deputy Minister Mitko Cavkov spoke out, who confirmed that the fake ID cards were not used for voting, nor were in the electoral roll. This is a serious indication that this a serious media manipulation, so the police has no choice but to fully clarify the case and reveal not only the forgers, but also the orderers and media sponsors of this affair.

In recent months, Soros’ ‘independent” media’ repeatedly lied the public by placing half-truths and false information concerning serious events and developments. What all they have in common is that unfounded accusations are treated as absolute proven truth. In the same principle these media reported on Zaev’s bombs and the illegally tapped telephone conversations, on the Kumanovo events, on the background of the killings at the the Smilkovsko Lake …

Since the very beginning of the presentation of Zaev’s bombs, Soros media reported his accusations as absolute truth with no expert analysis and the people mentioned in the wiretaps are held responsible before pleading before the court. Among the biggest manipulations in this affair are the claims that ‘the government wiretapped 20,000 people’, even though no one saw what Zaev owns. The opposition ‘experts’ brainwashed the people, claiming with their entire credibility that it is impossible foreigners to wiretap in Macedonia en masse. (Perhaps in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden … but not here). On the other hand, these media manipulators do not consider the video in which Zaev threatens Gruevski with foreign services as reliable, as well as his letter to Verushevski, in which he calls for help from ‘foreign friends’.

The same Soros media instead of searching for the truth about the police action in Kumanovo through direct questions to the ambassadors and to the OSCE, who were supposed to carry out the extraction of the terrorists, persistently and without any evidence claim that the organizers of the terrorist act are the Macedonian authorities because ‘someone from the Macedonian services had contacts with someone from the group’. These media mercenaries constantly ‘forget’ to mention that three other foreign services communicated with the group. It is incomprehensible how none of them dares to ask if Macedonians orchestrated the terrorists, why the foreign spies did not warned them and saved them in time? But, in order to find that out, the right questions should be asked to the authorities and to the ambassadors of the countries that contacted them. Obviously, this case as well, according to Zaev’s strategists,  should remain wrapped in mist.

Zaev’s bombs produced another dangerous media manipulation in connection with the alleged involvement of the government in the killings at the Smilkovsko Lake. After almost a year, except the threats that Zaev owned alleged telephone recordings that confirm the accusations, no one has ever heard anything like that. However, it does not prevent the ‘professionals’ to continue to treat speculation as absolute truth and to insult anyone who does not believe the lies.