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Orban: I stand behind Gruevski because he works for the interests of his country

Also in the future, I will stand beside Mr. Gruevski, because he is a politician who primarily takes notice of the interests of the nation and his homeland. And he is resolutely acting to protect his country, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at a press conference in Ohrid on Thursday.

VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski welcomed Thursday in Ohrid the Hungarian Prime Minister and Fidesz leader, Viktor Orban, as well as former Slovenian president, now leader of the Slovenian Democratic Party, Janez Jansa. Orban emphasized that Nikola Gruevski is a politician who, above all, puts the interests of his nation and his homeland first. He mentioned that he came to Macedonia for three reasons.

He said that the reason why they decided to take Gruevski into their club together with Janez Jansa is that he and Jansa are European politicians who already have won and lost elections.

“In Europe there is a very small number of party leaders who after lost elections continue their work and run their party and serve their country. I could tell you countless examples of people who were once leaders of some European countries, and now they are members of large economic communities, working in the business fild, and Mr. Janez Jansa is one of those leaders who, together with me, remains to serve his country, both when it’s sunny and when it rains. We are very glad that Mr. Gruevski after the previous parliamentary elections decided to stay, from the position of opposition to serve his own homeland, and I can only congratulate him on this and wish him many successes,” said Orban.

Orban said the third reason he is here is to discuss the course of the campaign.

“I, as Prime Minister of Hungary, cannot interfere in Macedonia’s election process, but I would like to tell the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia that for us it is a very important state and therefore the elections are also European elections. The borders of Europe are not set where the cultural borders of Europe are laid, and therefore the Republic of Macedonia is part of Europe, even though it is not a member of the EU”, Orban said.

He reiterated Hungary’s support for Macedonia to become EU member state as soon as possible. He also referred to migrant issue, saying tens of millions of migrants are expected to use the so-called Balkan route on their way to Europe.

“NATO’s latest studies show that by 2020, about 60 million people from Africa will go towards Europe and that is why the closing of Western Balkan migrant route is vital for the security of Europe and here Macedonia plays a key role. That’s why I asked Gruevski Macedonia to do everything possible to prevent this migration of more than tens of millions of people to Europe,” Orban said.

He noted that if this group of people passed through Europe in the coming years, the living conditions in the EU countries will be radically changed.