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Osten opens its 46. international exhibition of cartoons


The Osten gallery opens its 46 international exhibition of cartoons on Thursday. A total of 206 cartoonists from 50 countries take submitted over 680 caricatures.

Turkish cartoonist Mehmet Karhaman won the first prize, with Russian Mihail Zlatkovski awarded the second prize and Pavel Constantin from Romania ­ the third prize. Macedonian cartoonist Darko Markovic was awarded the Cico award given to domestic authors.

“Accounting for the differences in style and the media through which they work with, the cartoonists who took part in our competition expressed their views, concerns, criticism and expectations through the universal language of caricature. The jury had to choose from a very rich offering of ideas and messages”, Osten writes in a press release published at the opening of the exhibition.