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Over 5,000 retirees to be beneficiaries of free­-spa holiday as of March

At least 5,000 retirees will have an opportunity to exercise the right of a full free spa­holiday package in March­November this year, Government spokesman Aleksandar Gjorgiev told a press conference on Saturday.

The Government, he said, has earmarked MKD 38 million for this purpose. The public invitation for this benefit will be opened in late January and last for one month.

Priority will be given to former miners and beneficiaries of disability pensions. This year Government’s program offers six­day recreation in four spas ­ Katlanovo, Debar, Gevgelija and Bansko, Gjorgiev said. The program includes free room & boarding, transportation, spa services and medical check­ups, Gjorgiev said.

Since the launch of the project four years ago, 27,430 pensioners have enjoyed the free spa recreation program. Both retirees and tourist workers are expressed satisfaction with the program, which motivated the Government to turn it into a regular one, but also to launch similar projects in the future in order to improve the life of senior citizen in Macedonia, he said.