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Scandal at Melbourne St. Dimitrija Church: Priests argue, faithful left in front of the church door

Scandal took place Sunday on St George Day in the Australian-New Zealand Diocese in the church of St. Dimitrija on the outskirts of Melbourne, Springvale, Australia, local Macedonian news portal “Falanga” reported.

Due to an argument between the church administration, the faithful were left in front of the door, and the argument reached the Australian police and to Bishop Petar in Macedonia.

After a verbal argument between the priest and the faithful, the priest called the police, who decided that they all should go home, and the church should remain closed until a solution to the problem was found.

The Priest Mile Taleski is unwelcomed in this church municipality even from before, as well as in the church of St. Nicholas where he was involve in a same scandal.

You can see the full text and video on Falanga.