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Panel discussion on Milcho Manchevski at Cambridge University


A panel discussion on topic “Dovzhenko/Manchevski: Silence, Speech and the Gaze” will take place Tuesday at the University of Cambridge.

Discussion is part of the series of seminars and gatherings oriented on the theme of ‘New Interdisciplinary Approaches’ whereat all interested students, scientists and researchers can participate in different thematic debates, S-Press reports.

Discussion on Dovzhenko and Manchevski will review two filmmakers and their creative work across contexts.

The Russian director Alexander Dovzhenko is the key author in the development of the film art.

Screenwriter, producer and filmmaker, Dovzhenko with his work at the beginning of the 20th century contributed in defining the modern film expression.

Manchevski in Dec. 2013 gave lecture at the University of Cambridge on topic “Film, Conflict and Representation” whereat his latest films “Mothers” and Before the Rain” were screened.