Thursday, 2 December 2021 | News today: 0

Parliament moves third of the four proposed amendments to the next stage


In the Macedonian Parliament, 64 members voted in favor of the third of the constitutional amendments proposed in accordance with the Prespa treaty. This is enough to advance the amendment in the next stage.

Amendment 36 alters, for the second time, Article 49 of the Constitution, to additionally water down the provision that “Macedonia cares for the rights of the members of the Macedonian people who live in neighboring countries”. If the amendment is adopted in the final reading, this Article will refer to “the citizens of the Republic”, and not to the “Macedonian people”.

Against the proposal were 14 members of Parliament, and two abstained. This is the third of the four amendments proposed by the Zoran Zaev Government. The first two add “North” in front of every mention fo “Macedonia” or “Macedonian” in the Constitution and reduces the importance of the 1944 ASNOM assembly, while mentioning the 2001 Ohrid Framework peace treaty in the Preamble of the Constitution.

After the amendments are adopted, a period of public discussion is supposed to begin, before the Parliament can vote for the final version of the amendments, when Zaev will again need a two thirds majority (80 or 81 votes in Parliament, depending on the interpretation of the Constitution).