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Aco Stankovski

One of the most precise and concise definitions of “parody” is – a state of total lack of dignity.

Such a parodic point in our contemporary political reality is the appearance of the US Ambassador outside the Macedonian Government’s building, where he told the media and the nation that there were no conditions for holding “credible elections” …

Only a rather untalented and, with it, an unwitty diplomat can allow himself such a sloppy move, for which one can lose all credibility in the eyes of their superiors in the diplomacies of the powerful states and sometimes, their position as well.

Here is why:

First of all, with such mise en scene and constellation, in the context of the symbolic system of the subtle political messages, but also perceptions by competitive forces, such a pompous appearance offends the principles of the people of high positions in the diplomatic hierarchy. Here we have a sloppy elephant (or, if you prefer, a chimp) in a porcelain shop, which, instead of presenting itself, acts as a political exhibitionist from the lowest category, usurps the context of power for itself, but it does not locate it to the place where it gets it, and that is the people of the United States or, if you will, from the US state. This solo act creates problems at the State Department because this self-appointed governor compromises the US foreign policy and presents it as a violent, unwitty, anachronistic and returns the observatories and the stakeholders in a colonial setting of time long passed.

Then he creates animosity among the domicile people, and that collective negative emotion does not go only to his account, but to the account of the state he represents.

So he threatens the relations between the Republic of Macedonia and the United States, in times when we have a radical warning on the global geopolitical space. Thus, the US risks finding itself on a hot ground, and its political being largely discredited. Such behavior of the Ambassador brings a risk of a possible escalation of war, which, this time, they will not be able to manage as they did in 2001. This weakness of the former superpower is not due to fanaticism and military potential of the Macedonians. I will rather refer to the fact that the “bear” is near, and they are far from home – I’m referring to the US military.

Let us recall the great statesman Otto von Bismarck, who said: ”Those who control the valley of the River Vardar in Macedonia are the masters of the Balkans.”

This means that in times of radical destabilization of Macedonia, the escalation of the conflict could bring an epilogue, in which the US is losing Macedonia and then the Balkans.

Furthermore, this pompous solo act of the US Ambassador to Macedonia sends a message to the rivals that the former superpower (the only one for 20 years in the world) is in a deep crisis. Every intelligent political analyst would conclude that such desperate muscle-flexing of an ordinary ambassador before the Government of a sovereign state (albeit on paper) is a sign that there is a lack of confidence and peacefulness that comes from the assessment of power and its deployment on the ground, and the pretty bad positions of the US and its influence in the region in recent years.

Then, the US Ambassador to Macedonia failed to conceal the quiet conflict with the EU, which slowly but surely escalates. The reasons for these negative scenarios between the US and the EU are numerous, but the reason for certain is the refugee crisis and the counterproductive actions of the US over the resolution of this geostrategic and humanitarian problem, which in turn leads to disaster.

EU would like better and synchronized control of the the refugee route, with stable governments and countries, that these unfortunates are traveling through.

After that, in a flagrant and not in the least subtle manner the Ambassador demonstrated association with the main opposition party and, therefore, disqualified himself as a dignified and constructive US representative. But this conclusion entails a whole range of incrimination. Is he the “umbrella”? – a question that undoubtedly arises because of all these clues. Did the very “umbrella” gave the wiretapped materials to the leader of the main opposition party and thus made a major interstate crime, and at the same time incriminated his own country for unprincipled action?

Moreover, the question about the police action in Divo Naselje – arises automatically. Then, the question about corruption, who, how much, gave to whom? And now, all that has to be processed, shame passes and the money on the account heat as an old, good fireplace in Switzerland.

And finally, whenever those elections take place, the opposition will lose by a large margin, and the later these elections take place, the larger will be the margin.

So, the US ambassador rushed and embarrassed his country, but he did a huge favour to the leader of the largest opposition party.

After this undoubtedly solo act of the US Ambassador outside the  Macedonian Government’s building, a huge number of those undecided voters already know for whom to cast their vote, and it will not be for the opposition.

And, for the parody to experience its crescendo, here are the members of the opposition celebrating once again.

They are celebrating their their definitive electoral defeat and leaving the political scene – forever.