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Parties resume talks on way out of political crisis


Representatives of the four main political parties-signatories of the Przino Agreement are set to resume Tuesday talks for a way out of the political crisis.

Yesterday’s talks ended without an agreement. Discussions focused on the competences of the minister of interior and the mandate of the ministers nominated by the opposition in the technical government.

United States Ambassador Jess Baily said after the meeting an agreement had not been reached, but hoped for one soon.

“I cannot report that we have an agreement. We have an interesting new idea on the table and as I said on Friday, this agreement is very important for this country, for your friends, for the European Union, for the United States. We want to give all possibilities to make sure we can find a path forward. The parties are taking this idea, we are considering it. We’ll continue tomorrow. We have made too much progress to let it go”, said Baily.

The talks include Nikola Todorov of VMRO-DPMNE, Radmila Sekerinska of SDSM, Artan Grubi of DUI and Imer Aliu of DPA, as well as U.S. Ambassador Baily and a representative of the EU Delegation to Skopje.