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Petir: EU should acknowledge its own mistakes toward Macedonia


Croatian member of the European Parliament Marijana Petir says that Macedonia is hostage of the unreasonable policy of the European Union toward the country. According to Petir, we should be aware that many of the shortcomings of the Macedonian candidacy are due to the country itself, but many also come from the pressure the EU has exerted, under Greek pressure.

– By no fault of its own, Macedonia was made hostage of the unreasonable EU policy, imposed over the last ten years by one member state. This destroyed the European perspective and future of Macedonia, Petir said during the presentation of the latest progress report on Macedonia in the European Parliament.

According to the conservative Croatian MEP, who was head of the group of friends of Macedonia in the Parliament before being asked to step down by the left wing Macedonian Government, the report doesn’t provide an objective picture for Macedonia becaue it is entirely not critical about the EU’s own actions and failings.

– It is still not too late, we can correct the error and open EU accession talks with Macedonia, and we can express our support to the citizens of Macedonia to overcome the difficulties and to implement the necessary reforms, said Petir.