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Piano concert “Four Hands” and art exhibit at Ohrid Summer

In the framework of Ohrid Summer, concert “Four Hands” of Spanish pianists Carles Lama and Sofia Cabruja will be held in church “St. Sophia” on Saturday.

The programme includes pieces by Moszkowski, Basomba and Granados.

Pianists Lama and Cabruja are acclaimed by both the public and critics alike as two musicians with an extraordinary capacity to move an audience to tears by their spectacular synchronisation and mutual understanding. They have been performing together since 1987. Their repertoire is marked with almost all major works written for fourhanded piano. They often cooperate with some of the most significant world orchestra and conductors.

Art exhibit “Mandala” by Macedonian artist Sanja Chingarova-Foteva will also open in culture center “Grigor Prlicev”.

Mandala is a picture of a circle and a square. It is a dynamic representation of the correlation between the transcendental, eternal and the divine, which represent the human’s natural pursuit and between the earthly, temporal and the material- the human’s current state. The mandala tends towards the spiritual elevation, binding the body and the spirit, it strengthens the inner being and it takes you to meditation depths. The mandala, with its harmonious configuration of opposites, connects the journey with its aim, the internal and the external, the circle and the rectangle, the center and the margins, the sky and the earth, the dissimilarity and the unity of everything that exist in the universe.

The artistic expression of Sonja Chingarova Foteva represents the fine, the dramatic and the analytic nature of the art’s vocation. The strict and the extremely serious representation of the composition structures, which emanates familiar symbols in the delicate and meticulous dynamic of the artistic elements (the drawing, the color, the texture) clearly manifests the intention of the artist. Her intention is to overpass the redundancy of the purpose display by a trivial conceptual content.