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Aco Stankovski

When a concept or a project begin to be repeated several times, it is clear that this annoying type of strategy is doomed to failure.

The same will happen to the “Colourful Revolution” and all those projects for destabilization of the Western Balkans, plus Bulgaria and Greece, that EU and NATO “umbrellas” with their followers, have planned for the forthcoming period.

It will be tragicomic to see these poor and grotesque attempts to re-establish the American intelligence networks, along with the desperate terrorist groups and their local political supporters, who under the guise of democracy and justice – “no justice, no peace” supported by the paid quasi-avangardists, progressive advocates of plutocracy and the slave owner, tyrannical owner of the NGO complex and its followers, attempting to stage revolutions all over the country, but they will actually fall into their own trap.

Because when something doesn’t go as planned, it doesn’t go as planned, and it doesn’t go as planned due to a simple fact that their plans have long been foreseen.

Their plots have been foiled, their plans are boring, already seen, shamefully uninventive and ultimately irritating.

At level of “intelligence” they turned out to be stupid, and even retarded. Really embarrassing, despite such propaganda machine and so much money, these opportunists and materialists, free from human conscience and totally dulled their maniacal impulses and psychopathological tendencies, are acting amateurish, confused and miserable in the eyes of the citizens of Macedonia, and, I suppose, they are leaving the same impression on the citizens of neighboring countries, which are also targeted as systems for destabilization.

Very impudent and ignorant. Probably, they have underestimated the hearts and minds of the Balkans, for which they created a very negative impression on the international community, as if, the Balkans is being inhabited by wild Neanderthal tribes with mentality of retarded gorillas and with cannibalistic tendencies.

How insidious of them, but the one who will bear all these insults and discrimination, will enter the zone of psychological and, therefore, strategic advantage. Underestimating the opponent is a way towards defeat and destruction.

This nonchalant and arrogant treatment of the will of the Macedonian and other neighboring peoples and their countries, considered as fields for hybrid wars and “colorful revolutions” (how trivial) will be finalized with a severe defeat and debacle of the Western interest in the Balkans.

All those dearly paid experts from think-tank groups – made of crooks and demagogues who are carried away by their fatal naivety that they understand the contemporary international geopolitics, as a bison herd running towards the windmills of miscalculation in suicidal stampede. But what to do, that’s how the course is set and there’s no deviation from it. Finally, the lucrative adventurers from the CIA do not matter how many bison will break their horns in the concrete, it is important, their families, homes and accounts to be away from this geostrategic dump, there, at a safe distance behind the ocean.

A really great danger is looming here, precisely from their frivolity and contempt for the lives of the local sherpa, to the Balkan slaves of their planetary realm. Taught of miserable values since their childhood, in alienating and extremely selfish conditions of crude exploitation of their neighbor, of discrimination against their distant, they, the holders and lackeys of the”umbrella” are willing to spend huge amounts of human resources of its colonies. And so, their poor and useless lives are shrunken. And when it gets crowded, they call for the first “Hercules” that will fly to them and save them from the enraged natives. The most important is, however, the plan to withdraw from the “theater”.

They learned this experience from the Vietnam campaign, when not prepared for quick and consequent escape, thousands of such “umbrellas” and “little umbrellas” fell in the hands of the Viet Cong. That’s why they should be handled harshly, they won’t understand in another way. There is something naturally stupid and disgusting in all of them, one just needs to meet them more deeply. Finally, they come out in the most tragic light, looking for sympathy.

So it is when one has been learning the skills of a killer. It is already a very bad deal with the wicked, who will not leave them alone, until he gets what he wants. Where did all that post-war trauma and stress, insomnia and depression, all that psychic nightmare and suicidal behavior come from?

And regardless of whether they make smaller or bigger chaos, severe or less severe crime, successful or unsuccessful change of government, all the actors in these conspiracies end in an extremely disrespectful manner – stigmatized by their own people as traitors and bastards.

There, that’s what this terrible tunnel without end looks like, along which all those stupid and retarded are moving, in moral sense, idiots who imagined themselves to be top players on the geostrategic stage.