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Plan B on Pavel Satev Street


Nenad Mircevski


After the opposition realized that neither the bombs helped it to get the people on their side, by April it will certainly come up with Plan B how to prevent the fulfillment of the people’s will. It remains to be seen will it manage to do that by stirring new ethnic tensions.. What we see now is a blatant attempt at “playing with fire” by actualizing very dangerous project for federalization of Macedonia and creation of a third Albanian state in the Balkans. The Ohrid Agreement is being misused for that purpose, which despite the objection of many, in 2001 it was accepted as a framework for the inter-ethnic co-existence in the country and as a price to be paid by every Macedonian citizen to keep the peace. Getting out from the frames of the contract is nothing but cheating and humiliating people. Anyone who tries to put the agreement to wrong use or God forbid imposes a new, they should be aware that they will get a tough response directly from citizens. Everyone knows that and that is why there is no doubt that the opposition and its “foreign friends” will want to cause new safety issues.


Brussels’ report urges the “authorities to demonstrate real political will to provide a full independent judicial system.” OK. But does the same message apply to other political entities (for instance, the opposition and the ambassadors)? Who else but the opposition leader can afford brazenly and impudently to choose when it will recognize, and when it will deny judicial decisions and orders? Will Brussels explain under whose pressure and under whose influence the Council of Public Prosecutors’ decision to boost Janeva’s team? Is that pressure in the frames of the European standards? Speaking of the special prosecutor, can anyone from the international community explain why the judges of the Constitutional Court did not dare to assess the constitutionality of the parallel institution “special prosecutor”? The constitutional judges do not need the initiative, that can independently initiate assessment of the constitutionality of a certain Act. If so, then why not take measures to protect the Constitution? Are they afraid that Mijalkov and Gruevski “will mercilessly take revenge upon them” because they will respect the Constitution? Or perhaps, they are not capable to assess “justly”?


The opposition proudly retells how the mediators forcefully imposed two points in the Przino agreement – the Law on Special Prosecutor and the undertaking of the Ministry of Interior. Hence, it is totally clear under whose pressure the judiciary is silent in regard to the special prosecutor. But will some of the ambassadors who accused Gruevski of not respecting the agreement have the courage to explain to citizens how Oliver Spasovski become the “technical Minister” of Interior, who under the June agreement, was to be appointed by the civic sector? Was the deadline breached because Gruevski requested the minister proposed by SDSM to be a senior party member with competencies outside the Przino agreement or because he objected to that unprincipled request?


The newly appointed chief of police, however, before sitting in the chair, first will have to apologize to the police for the insults and humiliating attitude towards them. First of all, to bow down before the heroes of Kumanovo and ask forgiveness from the defenders and the families of the policemen that were killed. A few days before he was officially appointed, the new minister visited Gostivar, but he did not dare to light a candle on the graves of the four policemen from the Polog region – Saso Samojlovski, Goran Ilievski, Zarko Kuzmanovski and Nenad Serafimovski. Spasovski will have to apologize to all those policemen injured in the violent protests orchestrated by his party in March. How will this man have the decency to run the people he called “the biggest disgrace to the Ministry of Interior” just because they defended the state institutions? Will he have the courage to directly tell the employees who are “the few professionals in the Interior Ministry” who he exclusively addressed a few months ago and to show them how to run the institution professionally?


The opposition leader announced that in April he will no longer be a mayor, because “he would get the honor of being the prime minister.” Who is he expecting to give him a tenure? If he thinks of the people, the man is in a serious delusion, if he thinks of his foreign friends, then he is in an even greater delusion.