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PM Dimitriev: Macedonia deserves prosperity

oday Macedonia and Macedonians across the globe are celebrating the 113 years since the Ilinden Uprising against the Turks and 72 years since the first session of the Anti-fascist Assembly for the National Liberation of Macedonia (ASNOM) – dates of great significance that calls for responsibility towards both our predecessors and future generations. The greatest responsibility is however necessary for Macedonia, Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev said Tuesday in his Ilinden Holiday speech at the main event in Krusevo.

‘Today’s great holiday reminds us of the past, but also motivates us to think about the future of our state. The significance of the Ilinden, ASNOM generations makes us responsible for the country’s future…As we speak about Macedonia, the responsibility should be at the highest level; the commitment – the strongest one; diligence relentless and the spirit – unbreakable. Only in this manner and under the support of strong unity, without an external interference, we can continue on the road to development and prosperity,” Dimitriev said.


To that effect, he called for all citizens of Macedonia to unite over state interests and priorities. Such approach and sincere will are especially necessary in time of political crisis Macedonia had been plugged in, the PM said.


“The political crisis can and must not last forever and keep bringing harm to the state, both at home and abroad. Hence we must demonstrate good will, awareness for surpassing the political crisis, thus expressing wish for returning the country on the right track and focusing our efforts to realization of projects for the benefit of citizens,” Dimitriev said, also notifying the need for Macedonia to commit to turning its top priorities – the EU and NATO membership – into reality.


He expressed belief that the forthcoming elections would put an end to the political crisis, saying that the Government would do its best for the election process to be fair, democratic and meet all international standards.


Dimitriev also referred to the Government’s achievements, notifying the historic lowest unemployment rate of 24.5%.


“Macedonia deserves development and prosperity. These pledges must be fulfilled for which we bear responsibility to the history, present and future generations,” Dimitriev said.