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PM Gruevski for “Republika”: Greece has two name positions – one official and one unofficial

“SDSM leader does not have the strength to face the pressure of several people who have some other interests. He has no strength, no creative or intellectual superiority and power to confront these people. I think it will be too late when he will realize what are their goals and interests, ” says the Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia  Gruevski in an interview with “Republika”.

About a week ago, Gruevski attended a conference organized by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, and returned with the impression that Germany wants to help the region, which is struggling with it problems. Despite the status quo over the South Stream gas pipeline due to the Ukraine crisis, he is not giving up from providing energy sources that will make the country independent, regardless of the challenges that the region and Europe are facing. He will not allow anyone to misuse the Macedonian multiethnic society, which is our tradition and treasure, for their own goals and interests.

To be continued…