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PM Gruevski: The difference is in our precise programme, against plain rhetoric


“Zaev’s firm decision does not surprise me, because he announced that during the election campaign. I also said what I meant then, and my opinion has not changed. As a party, we could not wish for a better opponent than Zaev, and I did not say that to underestimate him, but simply in virtue of the difference in the manner of functioning and the values and principles between the two political options, ” says Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski in an interview with MIA.

“The difference noticed in our precise programme, against SDSM’s plain rhetoric and lack of programme, the affairs of the past that follow their work against the honest efforts and investments which are part of our engagement and work. Simply, compare what they were offering and talking at the rallies and what we were offering. So small and weak offer, with so many insults, slander, rudeness and manipulations directed to the opponent, to us, against 2046 concrete and real projects. Is such a man planing to lead the country? The election results showed the opinion of the citizens. The majority has decided to vote for projects and programme, for principles and values,” said Gruevski.