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PM Gruevski: Zaev and SDSM are directly harming economy, IMF confirms it


Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said that the political actions of the opposition SDSM party have caused some damage to the Macedonia economy, and accused the party that it is trying to continue acting in this way. Gruevski was speaking about the IMF report, which has revised Macedonia’s growth from the projected 3,8 to 3,4 percent of GDP.

“From what I have seen in the report of the IMF the main objection is over the increase of the salaries of the policemen. It noted that we have improved the business climate which has provided more investments, opened new jobs and increased exports. However, the report also notes that the political crisis has affected the economy and therefore the IMF growth projection is reduced from 3.8% to 3.4% for this year,” Prime Minister Gruevski said, adding that IMF has already concluded that this reduction in expected economic growth is due to the tense political situation.

Gruevski blamed the actions of SDSM and their leader Zoran Zaev, who initiated the wiretapping affair, and said that this had direct effect on the economy and will caused the growth not to be as it was previously expected.

“Their moves directly harms all the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia in the sphere of economy”, Gruevski said.

The Prime Minister added that the growth of the economy is still expected to be high, despite the political moves SDSM.

On Wednesday, Zaev informed that he is backing away from the talks with the leaders of the other four largest parties in Macedonia, that were held to implement the agreement brokered by European Commissioner Johannes Hahn.