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PM Gruevski: Zaev is afraid of having elections


Leaders of the four largest parties in Macedonia failed to reach a deal on Wednesday on the implementation of the agreement that was brokered by the European Commission last week. After a marathon, 12 hours long round of talks which lasted past midnight, Commissioner Johannes Hahn announced that there is no agreement and expressed his disappointment.

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski was the only one of the four leaders to give a statement to the press after the talks collapsed. He said that the opposition SDSM party leader Zoran Zaev came to Brussels determined to prevent a deal from being reached. The reason for this, Gruevski added, is that a crucial part of the deal agreed a week earlier in Skopje was to hold early elections by April 2016, and SDSM are looking for a way to avoid the political crisis being resolved with yet another of their electoral defeats.

“We negotiated for over 12 hours, and my final impression is that Mr. Zaev didn’t want us to reach an agreement and he came determined to stop one from happening. The reason for this is that he is afraid of having elections. He realizes that he will suffer a disastrous defeat, possibly the heaviest SDSM have suffered in their history. He came here wanting to avoid a deal and to avoid having elections”, Gruevski said following the meeting.