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PM Tsipras wishes for Greece’s northern neighbor to have successful referendum

We have an important agreement, which if ratified at the upcoming referendum in the neighboring country, will give a significant impetus to Thessaloniki, Northern Greece to become the driving power of development and pave the way for Greece to become a leading force in the Balkan region, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told a press conference on Sunday.

He expressed hope for the referendum in neighboring country to be successful, as well as belief that the Greek Parliament would endorse the document by a majority of votes, MIA Athens-based correspondent reported.

Tsipras said his government would complete its four-year term despite disagreement with his coalition partner over a disputed name deal with Macedonia.

He said his coalition partner Panos Kammenos, leader of the Independent Greeks party, ‘will not endanger the country’s recovery and political stability.’

‘The country needs political stability’ he told the press conference in Thessaloniki.

Tsipras once again pointed out that Greece was not a subject of international pressure for reaching the name agreement.

‘No one has bothered, pushed us on this issue. At the time when a progressive government was elected in the neighboring country, we took the opportunity,’ Tsipras said.