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PM Zaev meets with US Vice President Mike Pence in Washington

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev met Thursday in Washington with United States Vice President Mike Pence, who reaffirmed Washington’s strong support for the historic agreement resolving the name issue with Greece.

“Implementing this agreement will lead to greater security in the region,” tweeted Pence after the meeting.

PM Zaev, accompanied by Vice Premier for European Affairs Bujar Osmani and Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, said the meeting took place amid a historic period for Macedonia, with people determining the country’s future in NATO and EU at the coming referendum, the Government said in a press release.


Zaev briefed Pence on the preparations for the September 30 referendum, a step towards making Macedonia a part of NATO and EU, urging all political leaders, including the opposition, to invest in that future.

The PM said the referendum decision would turn the NATO invitation into a ratification process over Macedonia’s accession in January 2019, with the country assuming the responsibility to harmonize its standards in the defense sector with those of the Alliance.

“Encouraged and inspired from the meeting with Vice President Pence, we continue our close cooperation with the United States and our efforts to fulfill the country’s strategic objective,” said Zaev after the meeting.


Vice President Pence conveyed the messages from U.S. President Donald Trump regarding Washington’s support for the demonstrated courage and leadership in the implementation of the required reforms in the country and the historic agreement with Greece, which opens Macedonia’s NATO and EU doors.

Pence highlighted the White House’s encouragement and shared vision of seeing Macedonia as a democratic, prosperous member of NATO and EU.

Interlocutors also discussed the possibility of joint celebrations to Macedonia’s NATO accession in 2019, reads the press release.