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Columnist: Budimka Popovska


In the competition of theories about the origin of life, one of the most bought, of course, is that of the Great explosion, the Big Bang.

According to the theory, everything started from a simple POINT.

The age of everything we see around is about 15 billion years. The Universe has started expanding from a single point. And it is still expanding.

In a quiet volley of dawn, the so chewed stories about the evolution of everything began to roll.

According to this picture, the Bang unintentionally created oceans, deserts, rivers, lakes, mountains, and finally people, koalas, pythons, corals, shells, crabs … rain, snowflakes… wind…

What a wonderfully devised theory, that the explosion is our Great Mother. The explosion of the dense point is our ancestor. Perhaps that is why the trend of terrorism should not be strange to us, which has been reinforced recently when some lonely and desperate freaks in a burst of anarchic (and why not, and archaic) anger, decided to go around and shoot. To cause mini Big Bang – s.

NASA, at least, does that in deserts, where the only victims of the experiments can be cactuses and eventually some cobras. But, nobody can forbid the endangered subspecies of kamikazes to play with their bombs in subways, airplanes, ships and other similar places where the consequence of the Bang becomes shedding the most precious liquid on the planet. Human blood.

It is said that the human soul is multidimensional cosmic toy for those that have time and desire to play chess, dominoes, golf …

Or puzzles. You do not have to dance with nobody, not even with the essence. Or if you put together the mosaic: you do not have to have all the necessary pieces in advance. Let it flow. Then, for a moment, just be focused on the missing pebble. And it will come alone. And it will complete the mosaic.

Also, the theorists of Life, especially those of the New Age, say that … “You are the scriptwriters of your life – and all others are playing the roles you are giving to them. You can literally write a script for any life you want and the universe will deliver the people, places and events, just as you have decided that you want. You are creators of your own experience. “

Amazing, right? Modern alchemist references successfully bring you back in the old checked mazes of selfness and the power of creativity that lies hidden in every living being. Above all, it reminds us that the same principle of creativity applies also when we are creating our own negative experiences. So how, or why, for God’s sake, do we create fear? Unconsciously? Flying listeria, kidnapped children, smuggled slaves and the like?

The less you know, the more you can…

Knowledge frustrates. However, it makes people able to see their place in the Big picture.

The greatness of man is best seen in his fall. A great man is always able to rise again. Seneca.

The point of the fall could become a stepping stone for new rises for a moment.

Similarly like in acupressure … When you apply the pressure of the principle “You are your own master,” and you do not know which point is what and where it is found, for example, you press the Zhu San Li point below the knee, so instead of the large intestine, you stimulate the stomach, and the nervous system simulates your hunger …

Do not let the small confusion to hinder you. Press anywhere, and if something clicks, that is… the point …

And which functions it manages, you can additionally learn, according to the effects …

If you wake up without the disease (healed), it’s like you have never been sick …

If you wake up bald, that can mean two things – either you pressed the wrong point (accidentally of course), or  you unplanned went to the hairdresser hoping that the weight will disappear with the hair. Then, after both had fallen, the weight and the hair alike, the baldness left just remind you that what shocked you once can be forgotten again, just as the unconscious is sometimes unconscious just because it is on top of the obvious.

Popular wisdom says that creativity, just like life, begins in darkness. As for the points, pressing in darkness is not recommended. Something that should not may click.

Some would-be Bang may also click, and you will be forced into flying … in the air … then, soon let his fear of flying in the past, as Erica Jong would say.

Especially with the new offer of bacteria that massively attack through the portals of the mass media menus! One has two options – to swallow the bait and dedicated oneself to the obsessive shopping of active oxygen and other sanitizers. Or – not to get scared – to ignore all the noise. In the process of searching, the soul shrinks from the repressed feelings that sink in unspeakable in a sterile bag for possible waste that someday might be recycled into progressive agendas for survival. Fear of this, fear of that … What if the whole thing is true, and I ate a slice of smoked pork neck last Thursday?

However, not everything that would get in the way is bad, people should not consider it as an obstacle, but as part of the road. Struggle with fears is never too much. If today we rode the elevator despite our phobia, it does not mean that tomorrow we are not facing a new battle. And it is good that is so, otherwise we would think that we are heroes of our time just because someone that suffers from agoraphobia, we can ran to the open space whenever we want! Today, even villages have better than squares some praised capitals…

Oh, Seneca! Your wonderful sentences in this jungle of unverified salami, and other sausages and other souvlaki tricks are useless … and in order not to put the meat industry also at end of the story, stick to Eleanor Roosevelt’s recommendation – “Every day do one thing that you are afraid of … “And full stop.